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Outline of Tokugawaen

Tokugawaen is a Japanese garden, with numerous highlights around a pond in it's center. It was the mainstream style of major daimyo gardens during the Edo period. The sight of a clear stream flowing from the waterfall through the ravine, to the pond presenting an ocean, symbolically condenses the landscape of Japanese nature. Also, Tokugawaen is characterized by land forms with great vertical intervals, the woods brought in as is, and the great stereoscopic rock garden. An amazing view of the majestic daimyo garden can be seen through the arrangements of the diversified aspects incorporated. People can enjoy beautiful greenery, various colors, and flowers such as peonies and irises, every season.

Furthermore, a restaurant with fine cuisine and breathtaking views, a gift shop which is based on samurai culture, and an auditorium for lectures, presentations or receptions are all available.

Administrations Office
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